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Watch a short video on the Medido Monitored Compliance Device

The compliance solution of the future
Developed in the Netherlands, for years the Medido has been revolutionising medication compliance in the European market. Using one-of-a-kind technology, it alerts people when it’s time to take their medication and monitors whether or not they have done so.

Simple and easy to use
Medicine sachets are loaded into the device on a weekly or fortnightly basis and the customer’s basic medication data is entered into a web portal. Information about the number of sachets to be ejected per day, and at what times, is then sent to the machine via mobile phone technology. When a person is due to take their medication, the device emits an alarm. The person then simply presses ‘OK’ to eject the required sachet from the device.

Increased independence and peace of mind
If the person doesn’t eject their medication within a certain period, an email and SMS is sent to their nominated care giver. This means that although there’s a safety net in place, the person can still retain their privacy, independence and ability to self-medicate.