Medication Management

 Help your customers while helping your business

DoseAid is a leading supplier of dose administration aid (DAA) products to community pharmacies, aged care facilities and hospitals throughout Australia.

DoseAid offers a range of solutions to help people manage their medications and, ultimately, improve their health outcomes.

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Strengthen your brand

With DoseAid, your brand is all they ever see, so you’re always in control of your brand and your relationships.

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Increase your business

DoseAid frees up valuable hours, so your staff can dedicate this time to professional services and growing your business.

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Build your reputation

Through automated packing and checking systems, DoseAid delivers a safe and reliable DAA – protecting both your customer and reputation.

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DoseAid sachets are a simple, safe and transportable way for people to take their daily medicines.
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Medicines are sorted into individually-labelled sachets with easy tear packaging by day, dose and time.
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Every sachet is clearly labelled with the patient’s name, dose date and day of the week, dose time, medication names and physical description, and quantity of each tablet.
 Care for your customers

Care for your customers

With DoseAid, you can tailor your DAAs to meet your customers' varying regimes and improve their prescription management through reduced confusion and wastage.

DoseAid DAAs are a safe and cost-effective way to deliver variable dose medications to customers with complex needs.