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Your Business

Strengthen your brand
Often the provision of DAAs involves representing another company’s brand – from their logo to the feel of their business. But you’ve spent so long establishing relationships with your customers, why let someone else interfere?

With DoseAid, your brand is all they ever see, so you’re always in control of your brand and your relationships.

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Increase your business
With the elderly population growing rapidly, DoseAid can help you expand your DAA customer base without increasing your overheads.

Using a comprehensive manufacturing process, DoseAid delivers DAAs at a much lower price point than can be achieved through manual systems, in-house packing machines and other automated packaging products.

DoseAid also frees up valuable hours, so your staff can dedicate this time to professional services and helping grow your business.

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Build your reputation
No matter how competent the trained eye, manual DAAs will always have a significant error rate. Through automated packing and checking systems, DoseAid delivers a safe and reliable DAA – protecting both your customer and clinical reputation.

DoseAid also offers a sophisticated dispensing machine which is unlike any other on the Australian market. With the Medido, you can help your customers remain independent while strengthening their medication compliance.

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Watch a short video about medication sachets for your pharmacy