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Kevin “KT” Tong, Terry White Chemists Chatswood Chase

Partnering with DoseAid has improved the efficiency of our medication packing, so staff can spend less time on manual tasks and more time engaging with customers.

As a business partner, DoseAid is completely committed to helping us reach our growth ambitions. Its state-of-the-art technology aligns with our preferred business model, which is to use the latest technology to improve our systems and processes.

DoseAid’s customer service team is extremely friendly, helpful and genuinely flexible and understanding of our needs. They are proactive rather than reactive, seeking feedback from us before there is an issue and really listening to what we have to say.

Sachets are the new direction for dose administration aids. For those looking to expand and improve their customers’ medication compliance, I would highly recommend DoseAid.

It’s one of the industry’s leading DAA suppliers – and for good reason.



Ross Cairns and Rachel Mulley, Rachel Mulley's Chemmart Pharmacy

Dose administration aids have the potential to be a key revenue driver if you use a cost effective system that minimises the tendency for packing to take over the dispensary.   

DoseAid provided us with a no fuss solution that ticks along in the background and ensures a workflow in the dispensary runs smoothly.

It has dramatically reduced the amount of time our pharmacists spend checking DAAs, resulting in much happier pharmacists, while the virtual pull count system has reduced the size of the DAA storage area in our store significantly.

DoseAid has also enabled us to increase the number of "packed" patients we service without outlaying more on wages and infrastructure.

Partnering with DoseAid was, ultimately, the best thing we could have done to manage the workload in our dispensary.

We would highly recommend DoseAid to all pharmacies that offer DAAs as it has greatly reduced the back of house burden for our pharmacists, allowing them to spend more time where they are most effective – with our customers.



Martin Quinn, Kings Meadows Capital Chemist

In the face of industry pressures we, like most pharmacies, have been adjusting our business model to ensure we are operating as cost effectively and profitably as possible.

We realised it was necessary to streamline our dose administration packaging process and create much-needed space in the pharmacy to accommodate new business. Now, all nine of our Capital Chemist Group pharmacies in Tasmania outsource their DAA packing to DoseAid.

Since partnering with DoseAid in 2013 our DAA output has increased, there has been a significant reduction in medication incidents and we have had more time to focus on other interests. We have also secured contracts with a number of residential aged care facilities looking to create greater efficiencies and spend more time caring for their residents.

DoseAid was the obvious choice for us as it is aligned with Symbion, our pharmaceutical wholesaler, which means we enjoy the benefits of vertical integration and continuity of supply.

Its team provides a high level of support for both pharmacy and residential aged care customers, offering systemised implementation schedules and comprehensive training for pharmacy and aged care staff.



Matthew Pilkington – Terry White Chemists Four Ways and Priceline Kingston

We began working with DoseAid in 2011 to help grow our dose administration aid business and since then, the number of community DAA patients we service has tripled.

We’ve also formed relationships with a number of aged care providers, growing that customer base from zero to 400 beds. DoseAid offered us a lot of support when we were approaching potential aged care partners, which no doubt contributed to our success.

DAAs really make life easier for those on multiple medications and both the pharmacist and the customer can have confidence in the accuracy of DoseAid’s products.

Although the majority of our DAA patients are elderly, we’ve found the sachet system also appeals to middle aged customers. When they’re on the go they can take a day’s worth of medication with them instead of carrying around a week’s worth in a bulky pack. 

As the population ages and the government puts extra funding into DAAs, more and more people are going to be using them. Outsourcing your DAA packing is really the only way to develop that area of your business in an economical way – without the need for more space or staff.

Peter Makridakis – Terry White Chemists Pacific Fair

A few months ago we decided to focus on up scaling our medication packing. For this idea to be financially viable, we knew we would need to outsource our packing requirements.

We chose DoseAid for a few reasons – one of them being that their software was a better fit for us.

Starting at a base of around 30 medication pack customers, 100% of our patients have converted to the new sachet system.

From a patient perspective, sachets are a better, safer choice. They’re ideal for people with dexterity issues as the sachets are easier to open, better for people with vision difficulties because the font is larger and clearer, and better in terms of compliance because the times listed on the sachets are more specific than simply morning, afternoon and night.  

We have found the DoseAid team to be highly proactive and compassionate about our concerns. They will do everything in their power to resolve any issues and really take our feedback on board.

With the help of DoseAid we’re starting to capture more business. We’re also forming stronger relationships with our customers and helping them manage their medications in a way that maintains their independence.

Zane Wright – Peak Pharmacy Newtown

Five years ago we jumped on the opportunity to become the exclusive DoseAid supplier in Geelong. All four of the Peak Pharmacy Group stores have since partnered with DoseAid.

It’s significantly helped us grow our aged care business and we now service a number of nursing homes in the area, providing dose administration aids for 150-200 beds.

I love the sachets and the fact that I don’t have to pack and check blister packs anymore. It’s much more efficient and there’s no way you could get the same accuracy using blisters as you do with DoseAid sachets.

I would highly recommend DoseAid to those striving to create extra efficiencies and particularly those hoping to grow their aged care business.

Mitchell Skinner – Terry White Chemists Booval Fair

Two years ago we realised our dose administration aid base had grown significantly, but the packing process wasn’t efficient enough. We were looking for an option that would save us a significant amount of time.

DoseAid’s professionalism was a huge drawcard.

With DoseAid’s help, we’ve recaptured three days that would otherwise be spent packing blisters. That’s three days we can now dedicate to engaging with customers and working on growing other areas of our business. Financially, it’s had a positive impact.

We also service a few aged care facilities and, with the help of DoseAid, are looking to grow our aged care offering in the future.

Patients love how easy the sachets are to use. Each one is clearly labelled with the name of the medication it contains, as well as the date and time that medication must be consumed, so they know exactly what they’re taking.

I’m extremely happy with the level of support DoseAid offers and would recommend them to anyone looking to make medication compliance easier on both their staff and patients.