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Taking medication at the wrong time or ingesting the incorrect dose can significantly inhibit its benefits and, in some cases, be highly damaging to a person’s health.

DoseAid’s range of medication management solutions are designed to increase medication compliance and reduce the frequency of adverse incidents.

DoseAid’s medicine sachets are a safe and effective way for people to keep track of their daily medicines. To complement its sachets, DoseAid has also partnered with Medido to make a one-of-a-kind compliance device available in Australia. 

DoseAid’s sachets are a simple, safe and transportable way for people to take their daily medicines.

The medicines are sorted into individually-labelled sachets with easy tear packaging by day, dose and time. These sachets are then rolled up in chronological date and time order.

DoseAid sachet rollThe sachets include up to five different tablets per dose time. So, for example, if someone takes seven different tablets in the morning, their morning tablets will be divided between two sachets.

Every sachet is clearly labelled with:

  • The patient’s name
  • The date and day of the week
  • The dose time
  • Names and physical descriptions (shape, colour) of the medicines
  • The quantity of each tablet.

This information can be easily adapted depending on the specific needs of the individual.